Community involvement

Taking part
giving back

As a company, Marinova is passionate about supporting the communities in which it operates. In addition to the employment opportunities that we create in regional and disadvantaged communities both in Australia and overseas, we contribute to a variety of cultural, educational and charitable programs.

Science education

Marinova is passionate about science. We are equally passionate about encouraging students to pursue studies in science-related disciplines, particularly those that focus on human health and disease. To further this cause, we contribute to a variety of educational initiatives, ranging from high school bursaries to PhD sponsorships.

With their abundance of expertise, our scientists regularly give their time to present to schools, universities and local community organisations on a diverse range of topics within the field of marine biotechnology.

Community sponsorship

We believe that business enterprises play a vital role in fostering healthy, vibrant communities. Marinova is a proud supporter of science and education-based initiatives such as Devils @ Cradle, the Tasmanian Quoll Conservation Program, the Flinders Island Wombat Fund, the Festival of Bright Ideas, Tasmanian Science Investigation Awards, the Beacon Foundation, the Cross-Pollinate Conference, the Sustainable Living Expo and Medical Research Week