Research and development

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Research and development

More than 3500 independent, peer-reviewed research papers have now been published on the bioactive properties of fucoidans. This extensive body of evidence includes comprehensive in vitro investigations, animal studies and human clinical trials. The vast majority of this research has been conducted in the last 20 years, with Marinova leading the way.

With state-of-the-art laboratories and a team of distinguished scientists, Marinova continues to develop novel fucoidan extracts with enhanced bioactivity. An extensive range of assays, commercial scale-up and quality testing are all undertaken in-house. In addition to the company’s own expertise, Marinova has an established global research network and collaborates with leading research institutions to undertake human clinical trials.

Marinova’s active research and development program continues to focus largely on the eight key areas identified below.

Emerging applications

In addition to the key areas above, there are many other potential niche applications for fucoidan (Fitton, 2015). These include:

Wound healing

Dental health

Custom extracts

Marinova has the expertise and capability to develop and produce high purity fucoidan fractions for a wide range of advanced applications. We are experienced in creating novel compounds for very specific purposes, from biomaterials research through to medical device applications and pharmaceutical development.

Research samples

Marinova is the leading resource for species-specific fucoidan extracts for research and analysis. We are also the leading supplier of reference samples to formulators in the nutritional and personal care sectors who may be seeking to verify the quality and purity specifications of generic fucoidan extracts.

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