Marinova is located in Tasmania – the southernmost state of Australia renowned for its rugged and breathtaking wilderness.

As the country’s only island state, Tasmania is the last stop for those venturing across the wild Southern Ocean to Antarctica. Boasting pristine waters, the freshest air in the world, and rich fertile soils, Tasmania is a drawcard for those seeking natural ingredients of unsurpassed quality.

It is also an island with a vibrant population, rich in culture and creativity, that values the exploration of new ideas. Tasmanians are warm and friendly by nature, and together form a community defined by excellence, quality and forward-thinking. Local business activity is grounded in research and development – a key factor in the states thriving economy.

Due to its unrivaled location, Tasmania remains firmly at the forefront of marine science. The oceans wash around Tasmanian life and our interest in them and how we can harness their properties for the betterment of human health has long played a part in our history. Like many other world leading innovators in Tasmania, we too are committed to sustainability. Environmental responsibilities, social conscience and fair trade are more than just ideals to Marinova – they are obligations upon which our very ethos has been founded.

Tasmania is a hotspot for marine science and renowned for its excellent research facilities, innovative scientists, a can do attitude and strong but flexible regulatory regime. As part of this unique island community, connectivity to the world is important to Marinova, but so too is remaining focused on our core objectives. We’ve forged our own dynamic path to bring the science of seaweed to the global stage.

As the world’s only producer of high purity, certified organic fucoidan with global regulatory acceptance, Marinova looks forward to sharing its story of Tasmanian innovation with you. It is our scientific acumen, advanced extraction technologies, and the exceptional quality of our seaweeds that continue to set us apart.

Tasmania – renowned for the quiet pursuit of the extraordinary.


Map showing location of Marinova in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia