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Fucoidan review paper 2019

Marinova has published a comprehensive new review detailing global progress in fucoidan research. “Therapies from Fucoidan: New developments” is now available in Marine Drugs.

Speaking of the review, Marinova’s Chief Scientist and lead author, Dr Helen Fitton, highlighted the application of fucoidan across a range of human health indications. “Since our last review in 2015, studies of fucoidan have progressed in a variety of research areas. Fucoidan compounds are highly bioactive and continue to be developed and utilised for dietary supplements. They are also in demand for gut health, immune modulation and anti-inflammatory applications for both humans and animals. We anticipate these applications are likely to increase in the future due to recent regulatory approvals in the USA and EU.”

Dr Fitton continued, “Therapies for neurological disease, bacterial and viral infections, and oncology appear to be the next commercial opportunities. These recent research developments are outlined in the paper along with exciting progress in clinical trial outcomes.”

The new review summarises the recent use of fucoidan to treat renal disease, the radiolabelling of blood clots, and the increased use of fucoidan in commercially available supplements and topical treatments.

“There is certainly growing interest in fucoidan,” said Dr Fitton. “It is an innovative marine ingredient and ongoing research continues to reveal the extraordinary health benefits that it has to offer. The extent and breadth of the credible science supporting fucoidan continues to expand.”

The full paper titled “Therapies from Fucoidan: New developments”, published in Marine Drugs, is available here.

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