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Meet Marinova's new Chief Chemist

Dr Joel Kidgell smiling at camera

Marinova is delighted to welcome Dr Joel Kidgell as the company’s new Chief Chemist. This brief interview provides insight into Dr Kidgell's extensive experience in carbohydrate chemistry. 

What skills do you bring to Marinova?
I bring more than a decade of experience researching and quantifying algal bioproducts. I have a deep knowledge of the analysis of complex carbohydrates, such as fucoidan, and bring the skills to refine and further expand the analytical capabilities of Marinova.

Can you tell us about your expertise?
I completed a Bachelor of Marine Biology with Honours and a PhD in analytical chemistry of carbohydrates at James Cook University, Australia. However, much of my PhD was spent at the Ferrier Research Institute in New Zealand, a world-renowned carbohydrate chemistry institute. I look forward to utilising my expertise in the characterisation of complex carbohydrates to support the production of high purity fucoidan extracts at Marinova.

What brought you to the Marinova team?
The high praise for Marinova from respected professional colleagues brought me to the door, but the friendly collaborative atmosphere of the team brought me inside. I was also attracted to the growth and success of Marinova in the algal product market after experiencing the difficulties of commercialising similar products. I am excited about working with the team and contributing to Marinova’s science-driven dedication to human health.

What are some of the day-to-day activities in your role?
I am responsible for performing and refining the analysis of Marinova’s fucoidan extracts, and oversee the incorporation of new techniques and technologies into the laboratory. I work closely with our scientific and production teams, collaborating on innovative R&D projects to create highly refined compounds for advanced applications. These include high purity fucoidans for medical devices, biomaterials research and pharmaceutical development. I also support the scientific studies conducted using Marinova’s unique fucoidan extracts.

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