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Natural antioxidants reviewed for animal health and production


A recently published review paper has explored the antioxidant effects of seaweeds, and a range of their active compounds, on animal health.

The review noted that antioxidants from seaweeds can have a multitude of favourable effects on animal health including anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, immune support and gut health benefits. The paper also explains that natural marine antioxidants can be beneficial feed additives, improving both animal health and resistance to environmental stresses such as poor housing conditions and heat stress. The supplementation of production animal diets with seaweeds can also improve meat quality due to the deposition of marine antioxidant components in muscles.

The review paper explored a range of active compounds derived from seaweeds, including sulfated polysaccharides such as fucoidans. It noted that sulfated polysaccharides can enhance the antioxidant status in animals and suggested there is an urgent need to further explore the potential benefits these compounds can offer to production animals.

The full paper, ‘Antioxidant effects of seaweeds and their active compounds on animal health and production – a review’ was published in Veterinary Quarterly.

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