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Pharmaceutical formulations: Oncology potential reviewed

Group of scientists

Due to their unique structural and physiochemical properties, marine polysaccharides are increasingly being considered for use in drug delivery systems. The properties of fucoidans, and their potential applications in pharmaceutical formulations in oncology, have been summarised in a recent review paper.  

Fucoidans are strong candidates for innovative drug delivery systems due to their low toxicity, biocompatibility and biodegradability. They have previously been shown to hold promise as a drug carrier for the formulation of various drug delivery systems. Particular potential exists for the use of fucoidan as an agent for the targeted and effective delivery of chemotherapeutics. Fucoidan is characterised by easy structure-forming properties and can potentially be used as a single carrier, or in combination with other polymers, to improve therapeutic efficacy.

The European research group concluded that fucoidan has a promising future in cancer treatment. The full paper, ‘Novel fucoidan pharmaceutical formulations and their potential application in oncology – A review’ was published in the journal Polymers.

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