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Seaweed applications: A review

Semi submerged image of seaweed

Marine macroalgae are attracting increasing research attention due to their many bioactive polymers and metabolites. A recent review paper has explored the current and prospective applications of seaweeds, with particular focus on polysaccharides, including fucoidans.

Polysaccharides are significant constituents of seaweeds. They continue to raise scientific interest due to their unique physicochemical properties and extensive array of biological activities. The review provides a sound overview of the potential of seaweed polysaccharides across the food, feed, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and cosmeceutical industries. Researchers noted that the bioactivities of seaweed compounds are primarily due to their complex polymeric structural features. They also identified that the chemical compositions of seaweed-derived polysaccharides are highly dependent on extraction methods. 

The full paper, ‘A review on seaweeds and seaweed-derived polysaccharides: Nutrition, chemistry, bioactivities and applications’, was published in the journal Food Reviews International.

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