Pure source


All fucoidan extracts produced at Marinova are sourced from wild, certified organic brown seaweeds. These seaweeds, commonly referred to as kelps or wracks, are harvested from only the world’s purest ocean waters. Harvesting areas include the pristine coastal regions of Patagonia, Nova Scotia, Brittany and Tasmania.

We work closely with all our suppliers, who understand our strict requirements for quality and sustainability. A key element of the supplier validation process is organic certification, where environmental protection is a crucial element.

Independent fishery-harvesters are employed to harvest the seaweed and each follow strict guidelines for harvesting techniques, including cutting height, monitoring and reporting. This process leaves more than ample canopy for other inter-tidal inhabitants and minimises disturbance of the local habitat. R&D teams ensure the consistency and optimal bioactivity of the harvest, while frequent and stringent monitoring of the surrounding water is performed to confirm it is free of any contamination

Marinova is passionate about the quality of our seaweed resources, supply chain and final products. Multiple quality tests and audits are performed throughout the whole process of each individual batch, from when the seaweed is freshly picked right through to production of our high-purity extracts. You can rest assured knowing the exact source of all our ingredients.