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New book explores bioactivity of marine polysaccharides

Antonio Trincone book cover

A new book published by CRC Press explores the diversity of marine polysaccharides from a various perspectives. Enzymatic technologies for marine polysaccharides, edited by Antonio Trincone, delves into the chemical complexity, current application, and potential new uses across the nutritional, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and biotechnical industries.

As noted by Trincone, the bioactivity potential of marine polysaccharides as has been long been considered an underexploited resource. The molecules found in seaweed, microalgae, bacteria, and shellfish are an extraordinary source of chemical diversity. Scientific literature continues to highlight increasing global research and the many applicative fields that may benefit from future use.

Enzymatic technologies for marine polysaccharides also explores the development of extraction techniques and the improvement of the methods aimed at the characterization of their structure and function. Furthermore, it articulates the enzymatic technologies from the discovery of novel enzymes to their production pipelines in the fields of biorefinery, food and pharmaceuticals.

Contributors include a range of world-class researchers in marine enzyme technology. A comprehensive chapter prepared by Marinova’s research team, "The manufacture, characterization, and uses of fucoidans from macroalgae", examines extraction methods, fucoidan applications, and safety and regulation for use in food and dietary supplements.